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From Victoria Vitaver <>
Subject CForms: Binding nested repeaters into beans
Date Sun, 18 Sep 2005 07:55:53 GMT

I'm trying to bind a nested repeater into a bean.

IE. I have something like

	<fd:field id="id1"><fd:datatype base="integer"/></fd:field>

	<fd:repeater id="one" >
		<fd:field id="id2"><fd:datatype base="integer"/></fd:field>

		<fd:repeater id="two">
			<fd:field id="id3"><fd:datatype base="integer"/></fd:field>
			<fd:field id="text"><fd:datatype base="string"/></fd:field>


eg Javabeans:

class mybean
	int mId1;
	List mOnes;   //list of items type mySecondBean

class mySecondBean
	int mId2;
	List mTwos; // list of items type myThirdBean	

class myThirdBean
	int mId3;
	String mText;

And I would like to map it to the javabeans... is it possible? How would I go about it? If
its not possible is there any way around it?



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