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From Johannes Becker <>
Subject Re: 4-tier architecture? - Question on control layer
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2005 07:38:36 GMT

thanks for the quick reply.

Since I started my work with 4-layers: data-, business-, control- and 
I wanna keep this structure up (because I don't have time anymore to 
make big changes in my work. Even if this 4-layer architecture is 
incorrect in this case. My professor, who corrects this work, teached us 
the 4-layer architecture, so he'll get a 4-layer one in my work to 
please him.)

To be more prescise: Where could I stuff this service-layer, assuming 
there are only these 4-layers (and the world is flat)? :-)


Ugo Cei wrote:

> Il giorno 15/set/05, alle 08:31, Johannes Becker ha scritto:
>> > but I seem to remember there's a PetstoreService interface and 
>> corresponding PetstoreServiceImpl class in there, right? :-)
>> Yes, but what this tell me. I think I'm a little slow-witted in this 
>> case :-) I don't get it, concerning the question: Which layer (from 
>> the ones above) does this match?
> You asked about the Service layer, right? Well, the 
> PetstoreServiceImpl class, as its name suggests, implements the 
> service layer. Does this answer your question?
>     Ugo

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