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From Johannes Becker <>
Subject Re: 4-tier architecture? - Question on control layer
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 16:14:47 GMT

 > I think you are mixing paradigms
This is (probably) the case.

 > Now in terms of "layers" or tiers you typically have: ...
This explanation was very, very helpful. Makes things a lot clearer to 
me. (And I somehow can stick to my layer-architecture that I'm already 
writing about in my work for university.)



Ralph Goers wrote:

> I think you are mixing paradigms.
> In MVC terms (Model - View - Controller) you have:
> Model: Business logic which includes the domain model (the data layer 
> is simply the persistent representation of your domain model)
> View: The pipelines defined in your sitemap that take whatever data is 
> fed to it and converts the data into something an end user can view
> Controller:  There are a couple of methods:
>    a) Pipelines which call actions and then invoke other pipelines to 
> render the view based upon the results of the actions.
>    b) Pipelines that call flow. The flow then calls the appropriate 
> business logic methods and passes the data on to pipelines which 
> generate the view.
> Now in terms of "layers" or tiers you typically have:
> 1. Presentation tier - consists of Controller and View. Calls are made 
> to the business tier so whatever "client-side" business methods that 
> are required must be available.
> 2. Business tier - contains the actual business methods and the domain 
> objects. While, in my opinion, this should always be logically 
> separate from the presentation tier it can be physically combined into 
> the same container as the presentation tier if that is warranted.
> 3. Data tier - basically, your data management system.
> Note that "controller" is not a layer or a tier. Rather it is part of 
> the MVC design pattern.
> Ralph
> Johannes Becker wrote:
>> Hi,
>> this might not be the right list, but since it involves cocoon, maybe 
>> someone could answer my question.
>> My application is similar to the CHS (Cocoon Hibernate 
>> Spring)-Petstore from Ugo.
>> In university we learned about  the  n-tier architecture. So now I'm 
>> trying to assign the different technologies, etc. to the layers.
>> Data layer: Hibernate for persistenzce, ..
>> Business Layer: domain model, ...
>> Control Layer: ?????
>> Presentation Layer: Views, Cocoon Flow (for navigating through the view)
>> But which technology is responsible for the contol layeer? Is there 
>> actually a control layer?
>> Ugo wrote in his presentation at the ApacheCon about a service layer. 
>> Which layer (from the ones above) does this match?
>> Thanks
>> Jonny
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