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From Jason Johnston <>
Subject Re: Java stream into pipeline?
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2005 23:31:05 GMT
Gaston Martini wrote:
> Hi all
> Our problem is this: we need to embed a dynamically generated SVG chart 
> into an XHTML page (also dynamically generated).
> We have an SVG chart in a java stream generated by Batik. We need to 
> insert it into a pipeline and serialize it.
> In Java code:


Where is this Java code executed?  In flow?  A sitemap action?  Elsewhere?

> ¿How can we get the stream into the pipeline? OR ¿is there a better way 
> to do it?

One possible approach might be to use the ModuleSource[1] in your 
map:generate to access the XML using an input module.  If you can get 
the InputStream onto the request as a request attribute then you can do 
something like:

<map:generate src="module:request-attr:requestAttributeName" />

Or if you're coming from flowscript you can use the flow-attr: module. I 
use this technique quite a bit.


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