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From "Willy Reinhardt" <>
Subject Rép. : CLOB Insert into Oracle from post
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2005 14:03:14 GMT

We had the same problem using Tiny JDBC driver version with
Oracle 9.2. 
The problem with CLOB or BLOB is you need a native OracleConnection
instead of Connection after looking for solution I found following

- Use OCI driver -> you need to install the oracle client... 
- Use an alternative JDBC driver provide by a compagny like datadirect
which work fine according JBoss forums;
- Get the native OracleConnection from the datasource provide by the
Application server this solution couldn't be very safe because if the
connection is closed the Application Server will failed and you should
use specific API's from the provider of AS. To workaround we create
interface and factory to manage Oracle CLOB and BLOB according the
application server used.  

Then we wrote some Cocoon action's to manage XML request with Oracle.

Hope this help


Willy Reinhardt

>>> 12/09/05 14:44 >>>
Hi again,
almost searching for any hints to insert a XML-Doc coming in via POST
into a
CLOB - Col in Oracle and process it in the pipeline futher on,
SQLTransformer can not insert values larger then (32000) (Oracle
The parameter (setBigStringTryClob ) for the JDBC-Driver can not be set
cocoon.xconf  (Datasource don't have this parameter)
Thanks a Million for any idea
Andreas Busch

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