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From "Sachin Dharmapurikar" <>
Subject How to Share objects with Servlets in Same container
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 10:51:02 GMT
Hi All,
   In our company, we have already developed one solution which has
following use Case:

1. Form: To get the input from user about _Something_

2. Servlet: Depending on the inputs query to database _do_ some operations,
and as a side effect of these operations one java bean is created containing
information and data to create image/charts. Now this image generation is
done by a dedicated servlet.

3. Image generator servlet: As I discussed above, we get the java bean
containing data to create the image and creates image. This bean is having
lifetime of session and it's automatically deleted once session is over.

Since our application is having lot of presentation stuff, I think in our
application framework Cocoon is best fit. So I am planning to port my
application on Cocoon. From one-and-half week I am trying cocoon and after
stretching for long hours, I came to know that its excellent product and
framework in all. Now the question comes is how I can do it. What I have
thought is:

1. To take input from user: Cocoon Forms (Is it Stable? As in docs said,
developers are working on stable release of CForms)
2. To process the logic: XSP logic sheets, I will use these sheets to create
the beans also.
3. to present pages XSLT rendering.

Now I want your input on this design. Please quote on this.

The above stated design in almost in my vision. How to do it and so but I am
facing a real problem. The problem is:
1. Where to store the bean? In Servlet I used to use
HttpSessionBindingListner which allowed me to put the value in session and
forget. It will take care of deleting and clearing persistent objects.
2. How to pass directly this bean to Imageservlet?????

Thanks in advance...

Sachin Dharmapurikar

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