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From "Fabrizio Sitzia" <>
Subject Re: [CFORMS] HTMLArea
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 10:01:07 GMT
Just for info:

I found out about HTMLArea being discontinued while looking for documentation
about it on the net :-/

As I didn't feel at ease integrating a discontinued editor into a current
Cocoon project, I decided to look for an alternative.
I finally chose the "FCKeditor", because it is currently well-supported
(whatever that means in one or two years!), and it features clean,
well-documented sourcecode (...just in case I'll have to debug it myself, when
it becomes discontinued ;-)

I'm currently integrating FCKeditor into Cocoon Forms. As far as I've
understood, it is mostly a matter of modifying/extending a pretty
straightforward XSL stylesheet (forms-htmlarea-styling.xsl), which handles the
'htmlarea' field styling type.

Best regards,

> Jeroen Reijn wrote:
>> Hi Guys,
>> I'm working a lot with Cocoon Forms on a daily basis.
>> For our CMS we've been using HTMLArea for quit some time now.
>> It works like it should, but there is are some nice features missing (IMO).
>> A few months ago I looked at Xinha (,
>> but never got the time to test and implement it. Xinha is based on
>> HTMLArea (like many other web-based rich text editors) and has a BSD
>> license.
>> I'm wondering if somebody is working with it in production (with Cocoon)
>> and why we don't distribute it with Cocoon Forms.
>> HTMLArea's development is sort of discontinued (no activity, see
>> ) so maybe it would be nice to
>> add Xinha to the Forms block?
>> It would make a nice improvement to the Forms block I think.
>> What do you guys think?
> So far, after working with Xinha for some weeks, I'd be all for
> replacing HTMLArea with it. Although I have some concerns about 'code
> churn' within the project, and its complete lack of releases.
> Maybe something to take up with the project itself.

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