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From Sven Wontroba <>
Subject Re[2]: JXPath within cocoon 2.1.7
Date Tue, 27 Sep 2005 17:47:45 GMT

I change to Xalan 2.1.7 and there is no change. (I just copied the
xalan.jar file in the cocoon\WEB-INF\lib directory) do I have to change
something else?

I get my content if I just send
them out via  cocoon.sendPage("index.jx", {"result" : myDOMDocument} );
and my context has the value
so I assume it's ok

If I try to modify my context via the .getValue method I'm getting the
following error line 33: uncaught JavaScript exception: at main xxxxx
stating the line where I specify my xpath part,..

I'll look further into the other recommendation to se if there is way
to register a default namespace?

I just started with cocoon so sorry if I'm asking strange questions,
but I'm sure we will find a solution :o)

Thanks for all you help

>>Hello Experts
>>I have a question about namespaces and JXPath within cocoon 2.1.7 on a
>>xp sp2 machine Somehow it doesn't work out for me and I don't get a
>>specific response. Or lets say the one I expect
>>This is how I try to use it in my flow script  ---
>>var context =
>>context.registerNamespace("xhtml", "");
>>context.registerNamespace("ev", "");
>>var result = context.getValue("//Description");
>>cocoon.sendPage("index.jx", {"result" : result} );
> Did you retrieve the contents of myDOMDocument by the 
> processToDOM-method in PipelineUtil?

> If so, I have experienced the same problems. It might be related to
> an older development version of Xalan shipped with 2.1.7 (try
> upgrading to 2.7.0) Askild :-)

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