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From "Gerry Kaplan" <>
Subject Sendmail transformer - problem with protected pipeline
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2005 02:53:26 GMT
Hello Cocoon pundits,

My site is a relatively simple layout:  appname/public/protected.
Authentication is achieved with the authentication manager. Once a user is
authenticated, their userid becomes part of all URIs, for example:


The following pipeline generates a PDF report:
<map:match pattern="*/*-print-report">
	<map:generate src="cocoon:/internal/get-report/{1}/{2}.fo"/>
	<map:serialize type="fo2pdf"/>

The first * is the userid, the second is the report-id.

The problem is with the sendmail transformer. The sendmail transformer is
invoked within the authenticated area, and within it, it adds one attachment
as follows:

<email:attachment name="report.pdf" mime-type="application/pdf"

When the transformer attempts to read the src, it is denied access and
redirected to the login page, thus the results of the src turn into an HTML
representation of my login page. Consequently, I have tried multiple
variations of that URI, and as long as it is trying to access a protected
area of the site, it is denied.

It seems that the transformer is running as a separate user. Does anyone
know much about the sendmail transformer? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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