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From footh <>
Subject [CForms] building dynamic selection list with javaflow
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2005 19:36:03 GMT
I've read the doc about how to create dynamic
selection list data in formscript a la this:

var data = new Object();

data.cityList = new Array(2);
data.cityList[0] = {value:"AL", label:"Alabama"};
data.cityList[1] = {value:"AK", label:"Alaska"};

form.showForm("flow/myform.form", data);

...and I'm wondering if there's a nice way to do it in
Javaflow such that I don't have to create an object
with a bunch of named members (ex. cityList) ie. one
for each selection list.

I looked at the methods of form.getChild("name") but
didn't find any that seemed like it would work.



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