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From "Gerry Kaplan" <>
Subject RE: Concurrency in flowscript
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2005 04:40:45 GMT
Thanks much for your feedback.

In fact, my current design creates a separate xml file for each user, and I
started wavering on whether it was better to keep them all in one file or
not. Ultimately, I will use an LDAP. I need to find a Cocoon consultant who
has experience with using an LDAP, as I have limited LDAP experience. This
is the only time in the app that concurrency is an issue. An LDAP would be a
great solution to user management for sure.

Thanks again!


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From: Ralph Goers [] 
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 12:32 AM
Subject: Re: Concurrency in flowscript

To make a long story short, Cocoon would be like any other application in
your scenario.  You have to provide the synchronization into the pipeline.
You have to add the transaction support so that the second user would be
informed that the document had changed by the first user while he was
editing it.

However, as far as I can see this has nothing to do with the forms.  I'm
pretty sure they will execute independently as each flow will create its own
form object.

Does your design really call for a single users.xml document?  I just can't
imagine that scaling very well - it would get rather huge.  I could imagine
each user having an entry in a database table or in an LDAP repository and
every user getting their own user.xml document though.  That wouldn't have
any of the problems you are mentioning.  I seem to recall some of the
samples using a users.xml to look up a user during authentication, but those
are just sample pipelines and not necessarily meant to be a production
design.  You can use other mechanisms to perform the authentication.


Gerry Kaplan wrote:

>I'm curious about how Cocoon handles concurrency under the following 
>Let's say that a pipeline calls a flowscript function to show a form. 
>When the user completes the form and submits, the flowscript reads an 
>XML document, then adds the data from the form to the document, and 
>then re-saves the document.
>What would happen if, at the exact same moment, another user called 
>upon the same pipeline and displayed the form, then submitted. But the 
>first user's save hasn't occurred yet. When the 2nd user saves the 
>document, it will overwrite any changes that the first user added.
>The real scenario is a self-registration form. The application keeps a 
>single XML document that contains a "user" node for each user. When the 
>user self registers, their entries are added into the users.xml 
>document. Does Cocoon allow multiple instances of the same form to execute
>Or is there a "synchronized" type of keyword in flowscript that would 
>prevent both users from reading/updating/writing the same XML document?

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