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Subject Re: XSP and JSF custom components
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2005 21:46:30 GMT
Hi Markus,

Thanks for your help. I've tried a few things, but no luck yet. Is there
any good documentation out there explaining how it works ? I've been
googling but haven't found anything on how to configure in cocoon.xconf.

I tried to follow the example of a tag part of the standard JSF component :

 <taglib class="org.apache.cocoon.components.ExtendedComponentSelector"
logger="sitemap.taglib.jsf.html" name="">
 <tag class="org.apache.cocoon.faces.taglib.html."
logger="sitemap.taglib.jsf.html" name="commandButton"/>

I don't get what the "class" refers to in both the "taglib" and the "tag"
tags. Searching for "CommandButtonTag*" returns this :


What's this html file ??

My component and its tag class (customComponent and customeComponentTag)
both live in the same package a.b.<class_name>, so I tried something like
this :

 <taglib class="a.b.customComponent" logger="sitemap.taglib.jsf.html"
 <tag class="a.b.customComponentTag" logger="sitemap.taglib.jsf.html"

("query" is the taglib-uri)

It's clear I don't know what I'm doing ...

thanks again,


> Hi Galpi,
> wrote:
>> I have problems getting a JSF custom component executed from an XSP
>> page.
>> The tag just gets written in the output HTML. The other JSF tags from
>> the
>> JSF tag libraries work fine ...
>> I wrote a JSF custom component that I was able to run fine from a JSP
>> page
>> (but not within cocoon). I then created a new app under
>> <root>/cocoon/myapp, and an XSP page in which I invoke the same
>> component
>> (I copied the .tld, web.xml, faces-config.xml in WEB-INF, and the
>> classes). The component is not executed, it just gets written in the
>> doc. Whatever I try I never get an error message, my component just gets
>> ignored.
> declare your tag library in cocoon.xconf.
> You will also find the tag libraries for the standard JSF components
> there to see how it is done.
> Markus
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