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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Missing classes building 2.1.7
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 21:13:54 GMT
On 30.08.2005 02:08, Peter Flynn wrote:

> (Actually I meant, when the .war file was distributed <ducking> :-)


> Just did that. I was hoping it would work when I hit up localhost:8080
> for the tomcat home page prior to trying localhost:8080/cocoon and the
> disk light went on solid and I could hear the disk furiously working :-)
> Tomcat unpacked the war file OK, but it still says
>> HTTP Status 404 - Servlet Cocoon is not available
>> type Status report
>> message Servlet Cocoon is not available
>> description The requested resource (Servlet Cocoon is not available) 
>> is not available.
>> Apache Tomcat/5.0

Hmm, strange. You probably have to look into the log files of Tomcat now 
(if Cocoon has not been started there should not be Cocoon logs).

>> Another possibility - at least for introductory tests - is to use 
>> Jetty: "cocoon servlet" on the command line.
> There doesn't appear to be any command "jetty" nor any command "cocoon".

Huh? There is a and a in the same root 
directory of the cocoon dist.

> I didn't try it before, because I'm fairly confident that Cocoon itself
> works once it's running :-)

Yes, it does :)

> I've been using it since Cocoon-1, and my
> problems have mostly been with getting it installed, not with running it
> once it's in. And it's usually been my own ignorance that's to blame:
> the docs are written for the Java expert, rather than the XML user.

That's indeed a problem. But there is much work in progress on the 
documentation. The main goal: everybody can work on the documentation. 
This moves the task from the committers and so from experts on Cocoon 
more to users of Cocoon.


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