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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: SourceFactory and Session
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 18:17:01 GMT
Bryon Phinney wrote:
> Thanks for the help.  I am hitting one slight snag:
> org.apache.avalon.framework.context.ContextException: Unable to locate
> object-model (No environment available)
> 	at org.apache.cocoon.components.ComponentContext.get(
> 	at org.apache.cocoon.components.ContextHelper.getObjectModel(
> 	at com.lat_inc.cocoon.component.SesMngrSourceFactory.contextualize(
> My line 93 in SesMngrSourceFactory is:
> objectModel = ContextHelper.getObjectModel(context);

Hmm. In what context are you using your source object?


> On 8/18/05, Upayavira <> wrote:
>>Bryon Phinney wrote:
>>>Cocoon 2.1
>>>I need to pass the current session or request to a custom
>>>SourceFactory .  Is it possible to pass the session to the
>>>SourceFactory.getSource( ) method via the Map argument?  If not, is
>>>there another way to get access to it?
>>Look at, for example, o.a.c.components.source.impl.PartSourceFactory. In
>>the contextualize method it gets the object model. From the object model
>> (using ObjectModelHelper.getRequest() you can get the request. From
>>the request you can get the session. Make sure your SourceFactory
>>implements Contextualizable, so that its contextualize() method will be
>>A long way around, but it will get you there.
>>Regards, Upayavira

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