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From Jonas Höglund <>
Subject Scalability and performance
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2005 12:53:54 GMT
Hi everybody!

I have a question when it comes to Cocoon, scalability and performance. 
I'm in the process of building a prototype for a web based 
service/application. It will be, I hope, a fully functional prototype 
that we will use to evaluate our concept. I've chosen Cocoon as our 
development framework since I'm not really a back-end developer, but 
more of a client-site developer/graphic designer kind of guy. The clear 
separation between data/logic/presentation and the use of, for me 
familiar technologies (xml, xslt, javascript etc), is the main reasons 
for my choice. An other reason is that I find it being an excellent tool 
for rapid prototyping that allows us keeping the creativity high and 
thinking non-linear.

I'm running the Cocoon application on Tomcat 5.5.9 on Linux Fedora Core 
3 OS. I'm also using MySQL 4.1 as the database of choice.

I hope to be able to release the prototype as some kind of beta 
application and If everything goes well, we might be able to attract 
2000 to 3000 registered users. My guess is that around 5% will be using 
the application at any given moment. After beta we plan to hire/contract 
some more skilled back-end developers, helping us to developer a more 
robust platform. With the 1.0 application in place, we're planning to do 
more aggressive marketing and hope to attract more users, with a goal of 
around 50 000+ the first year, and millions of users after a couple of 
years ;-) ...we hope, glorious future!

Now back to my question. What's your take on Cocoon, scalability, and 
performance? Is Cocoon a platform that scale well? What do I need to 
think of? How do I secure that my prototype is something that the "real" 
development team will be able to build upon, or is that too much to ask 
for? And finally, is there any good "best practice" kind of documents 
out there?

Thankful for all the help and pointers I could get!

Jonas Höglund

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