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From Antonio Gallardo <>
Subject Re: Cocoon and linux
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2005 15:33:15 GMT
Ted Garrett wrote:

>Hi Antonio.
>I would say that if you are a happy Fedora Core 4 user, then it really doesn't 
>matter which linux distribution you use.  Cocoon is dependant upon the Java 
>Virtual Machine and the Servlet Container you choose.  The underlying 
>operating system matters little.


>I myself use cocoon under SuSE Linux 9.3, Solaris 8/9/10, and Windows 2000 
>server.  You will find different issues (mostly related to your JVM versions, 
>path separators, and memory restrictions) on the installs, but most of your 
>issues will relate more to your chosen deployment methodology than to 
>anything below cocoon.
>SuSE Professional Linux 9.3 comes with tomcat 5.0.30, jboss 3.2.5, and jonas 
>4.1.2 available for installation from the dvd.  As far as I'm aware (without 
>wanting to start a flame/religious war) these are the closest to the latest 
>releases there are in any supported distribution.
Don't worry I am not a fanatic. ;-)

I use Fedora because it was the natural path to follow when you are a 
long time Red Hat user (as is my case, since version 6.x - 5 years ago) :-)

Just for the records, Fedora also integrates a lot of java code, 
including eclipse and a lot of apache projects. This code is compiled to 
native code (machine code), that means it is very fast. My problem here 
is that no matter how much they integrate, they don't have the versions 
of libs I am using. So I prefer to install all the stuff myself.

I still don't got an answer to the initial question:

"I'd say Suse is the Windows under the *ix Os'es.
If you can live with that.."

I don't got the point. For me windows is in first place a buggy OS or it is because Suse is
the most used *ix version used?

If you though the second statement, AFAIK, all the numbers point out that Red Hat is the most
used Linux distro. I believe this is the reason why people often say that "Red Hat is the
Microsoft equivalent in the Linux world". ;-)

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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