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From Lars Huttar <>
Subject Re: esql logicsheet sometimes fails to transform elements
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 19:34:18 GMT
Nathaniel Alfred wrote:

>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Lars Huttar []
>>Sent: Montag, 8. August 2005 19:21
>>Subject: Re: esql logicsheet sometimes fails to transform elements
>>>If that is the case, try to refer to your logicsheet inside the XSP by 
>>><xsp:logicsheet location="path/to/sil.xsl"/>.
>>OK, I tried this. The first try, I made <xsp:logicsheet 
>>location="resource://logicsheets/sil.xsl"/> the child of the 
>>element, before the other child element. The result was a 
>>ProcessingException: Invalid System ID
>>   at 
>>Caused by: Invalid System ID
>>   at 
>>Does this have something to do with the resource:// pseudo-protocol? If 
>>so, what can I do about it? It would be impractical to have to use an 
>>absolute file:// URL in our XSP pages, because Cocoon is installed in 
>>different places on different machines. Just to see if this was the 
>>issue, I tried <xsp:logicsheet location="file:///D|/...absolute.path.../logicsheets/sil.xsl"/>
>><xsp:logicsheet location="file:///D:/...absolute.path.../logicsheets/sil.xsl"/>
>>, but got the same exception.
>>I also tried moving <xsp:logicsheet location="resource://logicsheets/sil.xsl"/>
to be the 
>>grandchild of the 
>><xsp:page> element, and child of the <page> element. The behavior 
>>returned to what it had been, namely, outputting <esql:*> tags instead 
>>of querying the database.
>>Any more information on how to use <xsp:logicsheet/> would be 
>xsp:logicsheet must be a child of xsp:page.  For relative locations you can use one of
these protocols:
>location="path/to/sil.xsl" (relative to current sitemap)
>location="cocoon://path/to/sil.xsl" (relative to root sitemap)
>location="context://path/to/sil.xsl" (relative to webapp directory)
>NB the xsp:logicsheet magic happens in o.a.c.components.language.markup.CocoonMarkupLanguage.
>Cheers, Alfed.
Thanks for the further pointers! These work for me, and appear to have 
fixed the problem.

It would be very helpful to see these things documented in the 
"Logicsheets Using Logicsheets" section of
I would be happy to write a couple paragraphs on this if someone would 
commit them into the Cocoon docs. I'll go ahead and put them on the wiki.


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