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From Thomas Lutz <>
Subject Re: CForms: need some design help
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 17:11:16 GMT
I had quite similar problems as you have, here's what I did:

-each request is handled by a javaflow function
-the request has some magic chars separating object from view type, so i 
have something like
-so when i am in the right flow function, i prepare all data, do some 
CForm stuff with javaflow (I am sure you'll need help here, too :-) ), 
and the call, which acts like a SendPageAndWait, as you said.
-the trick is, i call"person.form.edit.html"); which is 
handled by another pipeline, which does the aggregation of menu, header, 
footer, and -> content, by some other internal pipelines...

I had to change some flow and generators, but now I've quite a clean 
pipeline setup... separating controller matchers from renderer matchers...

I hope you know what I mean, I am starting to document that all soon, 
but for now there's no diagram of my pipeline flows yet, sorry...


footh wrote:

>Over the past several weeks, I've converted 90% of my
>site from JSP to Cocoon with excellent results.  Now,
>I'm attempting to convert my forms.  I'd like to use
>CForms, however, I am having trouble fitting the CForm
>structure into my current site structure.
>Right now, when a user requests any .html page, they
>are sent to a primary javaflow that sets a couple
>important variables and then sends that data to
>another pipeline which aggregrates five sources:  the
>header, footer, two sidebars and main content.  Each
>part of the aggregation is another pipeline that
>generates the necessary XML for each piece.
>Now, I would like my forms to go through the same
>flow.  Of the five parts that are aggregated, the form
>would be in the main content.  The problem is, CForms
>appears to have it's own process that you're stuck
>with.  I can't seem to figure out a way to integrate
>it into my main flow.
>Once you call in a javaflow, the pipeline
>processing ends.  And I can't figure out a way to
>build my page via my standard flow, and then insert my
>form as the main content.
>I've tried several different ideas that have all met
>with failure.  I was hoping someone with some CForms
>experience could point me in the right direction.  If
>necessary, I can supply excerpts of my pipelines to
>show what I am trying to do.
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