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From Aurélien DEHAY>
Subject Re: Mail and continuations
Date Fri, 05 Aug 2005 10:50:03 GMT
Marc Salvetti wrote:
> Thanks for the answer Aurélien,
> there is 2 situations where i send a mail with a continuation : on the 
> opening of a new user account, a mail is sent to the user with this link 
> so i can be sure of the validity of the email adress before saving the 
> new account.

My choice was to put a "confirmation" field in the database, and put 
this field (randomly generated) instead of the continuation in the mail. 
Thus, the user can validate is account whenever he wants. And I've got 
no continuation left in memory.

> the other situation is when a company want to open an account, the mail 
> is then sent to the manager and the form is redisplayed, allowing the 
> manager to validate/change the data in the form before saving the account.
> In the first case, the lifetime of the continuation is set to 10 hours, 
> which should be enough for the user to check is mail and click on the 
> link. If it's not, a page explaining that he have to process his request 
> again is displayed.
> In the second case, the lifetime is set to 100 hours, so that the 
> manager have a few days to check the validity of the information sent.

Waw. You should have a lot of memory ;) Or very few users :p

> In any case, this approach is really convenient, and i don't really see 
> the danger in doing this.
> Could you explain further why it's dangerous/bad practice ?

I don't really know. We were thinking it was a good practice to not 
over-use the memory by keeping needless things while we could put these 
in the database, in a same place who can resist to a crash of the machine.



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