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From Philippe Guillard <>
Subject error-handling on a "cincluded" pipeline only
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 04:57:48 GMT
Hi all,

I'd like to handle the error on a "cincluded" pipeline without 
generating an error for the main pipeline. I mean in case the cinclude 
has a trouble, i still want the main thing to be rendered and just a 
"not available " message in replavement of what should be rendered for 
the cinclude. What should i do? Should be similar to portal coplets.


      <map:match pattern="main">
        <map:generate src="main"/>
         <map:transform src="main.xsl"/>    (inside there is a cinclude)
         <map:transform type="cinclude"/>

    <map:match pattern="included">
         <map:generate src="included.xml"/>  
        <!-- NOT OK
          <map:transform src="stylesheets/system/error2html.xsl"/>
          <map:serialize status-code="500"/>

    <!-- This generates an error page globally-->
        <map:generate src="notavailable.xml"/>

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