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From footh <>
Subject HTML embedded in XML
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2005 21:15:20 GMT
In Javaflow, I call out to a web service (Google's, to
be specific) and get a bunch of results returned. 
Then, I combine these results into my own XML DOM
object, stuff the object into a Parameter map and send
it off to a JX page. As a result, I can easily inject
the XML fragment into my page by merely writing the
variable out.

However, the results sometimes have HTML embedded
within them (example, <b></b> tags to bold certain
words).  Using the method described above, this
embedded HTML gets converted to &gt; and &lt;
somewhere along the way.

I'm wondering at what point this occurs (building the
DOM object, or the JX engine printing out the DOM
object) and if there is any simple way to retain the
HTML.  I have an idea for an ugly way to resolve this
but was hoping that someone on the list might have
some insight.


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