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From J├╝rgen Hofmann <>
Subject Transformer to wrap server connection with keeping context
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2005 08:32:56 GMT
Dear cocoon experts,

I want to create a WebApp, which wraps a server. The WebApp provides the
user interface and implements the application logic.

The server communication takes place via a proprietary protocol over TCP/IP.
The server basically receives commands and variables and returns variables
and messages. The somehow tricky part is, that the server is not context
free, so I have to keep some context on my side whenever communicating with
the server.

My idea was to simply create a transformer, which takes the command and
variables, sends them to the server and outputs the received variables and
messages. However, I don't want to pass all the context required for correct
server communication through my transformer, because for the application
logic it's not needed. Further I need an efficient way for connection
handling; I want to stay connected to the server as long as the user does
not log-out.

So I wonder if it makes more sense to implement some kind of datasource.

Any advice, hint, point to resources is highly appreciated.



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