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From footh <>
Subject CForms: need some design help
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 15:37:06 GMT
Over the past several weeks, I've converted 90% of my
site from JSP to Cocoon with excellent results.  Now,
I'm attempting to convert my forms.  I'd like to use
CForms, however, I am having trouble fitting the CForm
structure into my current site structure.

Right now, when a user requests any .html page, they
are sent to a primary javaflow that sets a couple
important variables and then sends that data to
another pipeline which aggregrates five sources:  the
header, footer, two sidebars and main content.  Each
part of the aggregation is another pipeline that
generates the necessary XML for each piece.

Now, I would like my forms to go through the same
flow.  Of the five parts that are aggregated, the form
would be in the main content.  The problem is, CForms
appears to have it's own process that you're stuck
with.  I can't seem to figure out a way to integrate
it into my main flow.

Once you call in a javaflow, the pipeline
processing ends.  And I can't figure out a way to
build my page via my standard flow, and then insert my
form as the main content.

I've tried several different ideas that have all met
with failure.  I was hoping someone with some CForms
experience could point me in the right direction.  If
necessary, I can supply excerpts of my pipelines to
show what I am trying to do.



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