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From Ron Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Javadoc build error in Eclipse
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 21:49:14 GMT
In the, I found the following section.

# ---- Build Exclusions 

# Include Java source code into the binary jar files
# Include Java source code into separate, source only jar files

It appears that these are the opposite of the defaults so that copying 
these to the local... and removing the comments will reverse the default 

Is this true for all entries? ie the commented out 
values are the opposite of the defaults.

By suppressing the creation of the javadocs (exclude.javadocs=true), I 
was able top get the build to complete successfully.


Ron Wheeler wrote:

> The build failed while trying to generate the javadocs. It looks like 
> the command line is truncated but I am not sure if this is the problem 
> or just a coincidence.
> Is there an obvious error in my setup?
> Can I suppress the generation of the javadocs?
> Does anything happen after this that I actually need to try out Cocoon?
> Ron
> <tail end of Console Output>
> javadocs:
> [javadoc] Generating Javadoc
> [javadoc] Javadoc execution
> C:\eclipse\workspace\Cocoon\tools\targets\docs-build.xml:264: The 
> following error occurred while executing this line:
> C:\eclipse\workspace\Cocoon\build\cocoon-2.1.7\temp\blocks-build.xml:613: 
> Javadoc failed: CreateProcess: javadoc.exe 
> -J-Xmx192m -stylesheetfile 
> C:\eclipse\workspace\Cocoon\src\resources\javadoc\javadoc.css 
> -windowtitle "Cocoon API 2.1.7 [July 27 2005]" -splitindex -use -d 
> C:\eclipse\workspace\Cocoon\build\cocoon-2.1.7\javadocs -doctitle 
> "Cocoon API 2.1.7" -bottom "Copyright © 1999-2005 The Apache Software 
> Foundation. All Rights Reserved." -classpath 
> C:\eclipse\workspace\Cocoon\tools\lib\ant-contrib-0.6.jar;C:\eclipse\workspace\Cocoon\tools\lib\ant-junit.jar;C:\eclipse\workspace\Cocoon\tools\lib\ant-launcher.jar;C:\eclipse\workspace\Cocoon\tools\lib\ant-trax.jar;C:\eclipse\workspace\Cocoon\tools\lib\ant.jar;C:\eclipse\workspace\Cocoon\tools\lib\easymock-1.1.jar;C:\eclipse\workspace\Cocoon\tools\lib\jing-20030619.jar;C:\eclipse\workspace\Cocoon\tools\lib\junit-3.8.1.jar;C:\eclipse\workspace\Cocoon\tools\lib\qdox-1.5.jar;C:\eclipse\workspace\Cocoon\tools\lib\xmlunit0.8.jar;C:\eclipse\workspace\Cocoon\lib\core\altrmi-common-0.9.2.jar;C:\eclipse\workspace\Cocoon\lib\core\altrmi-registry-0.9.2.jar;C:\ec”

> </tail end of Console Output>
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