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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Dynamic SVG bar graph
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 17:08:19 GMT
On 26.07.2005 18:55, Jarry Liu wrote:

> I am very interested with this topic. Can you give me more information
> about this SVG and Fragment Extractor?

The FragmentExtractor{Generator|Transformer} can be found in the batik 
block in 2.1.7 or in the core since a few days (as it is not really tied 
to batik, the usecase Dustin had is just an example - and it also was 
the initial usecase and the reason it was moved to batik block). It 
extracts specific elements in a specific namespace from the original XML 
in the pipeline, stores them temporarily and puts some links instead of 
it into the original XML. These links request the temporarily stored 
snippets and you can do with them whatever you want, e.g. converting 
them to images as in Dustin's usecase.

> I use JEuclid to tansform MathML and present it with SVG. But in the
> output, I want add other html stuff in it. How can I do it?
> Here is part of the code I used:
> <map:generate src="temp1.mml"/>
> <map:transform type="mml2svg"/>         
> <map:serialize type="svgxml"/>

Now I don't know if the FragmentExtractor* stuff is appropriate for your 
use case. Don't you want to add something instead of extracting?


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