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From Johannes Textor <>
Subject [FYI] Hibernate tutorial updated
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2005 15:58:03 GMT
Hi Folks,

to all of you who are using the "Open Session in View" - Servlet Filter 
from CocoonAndHibernateTutorial at Wiki: I have now (finally) updated 
the implementation.

Before, an HTTP Session was required to pass the Hibernate session from 
cocoon to the filter. This issue has now finally been resolved, 
communication between cocoon and the filter is now done via the request 
object, which is MUCH cleaner and removes the ugly dependency on an HTTP 
Session. (The OpenSessionInView filter from the Spring framework also 
uses this technique, so I guess it should be OK now).

However, I did not have the chance to test this on a cocoon version 
other than 2.1.7, so I would appreciate feedback from those of you who 
are using it on earlier versions.

TIA and sorry for taking so long to clean up this mess,


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