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From Tony Edwards <>
Subject Closing Oracle database resultsets
Date Sun, 17 Jul 2005 23:48:01 GMT
Hello all,
I've got a recurring problem with Oracle and flow.
I know I'm doing this completely wrong and should be utilising a data 
persistence layer but that gets a bit new fangled for some of the 
managers around here so we're stuck with doing things 'the good old way'.

I'm using flow to establish the connection to a database and then I'm 
taking advantage of the scriptable objects defined in the Datbase.js 

I then run a bunch of select statements through this connection object 
but when I call the close method on the returned resultset, the Oracle 
cursors aren't being released with the eventual 'Maximum Number of 
Cursors Exceeded' error being thrown and the application grinding to a halt.

Is there a way to have the scriptable resultsets close properly, thereby 
freeing the cursors??
The brains trust here are starting to look at Cocoon as being a 
liability (even though we're breaking the MVC paradigm....) so if I can 
just get around this, I should be able then get things done 'properly'!!

Any help would be appreciated.


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