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From Lars Huttar <>
Subject pipeline using document() fails to release files?
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2005 23:27:49 GMT
Hi all,
We suspect this is a bug but it's not clear whose.

The problem that occurs is that a certain file, iHub.xml, sometimes 
cannot be moved or removed under Windows, as if a user were editing it 
(no one is). Once this condition occurs, it persists until we shut down 
Tomcat. (The consequence is that certain automated procedures, like a 
Subversion update, get stuck or fail.)
The circumstances under which iHub.xml gets "stuck" seem to be after it 
gets referenced by a document() reference from an XSLT stylesheet run by 
Apparently, Cocoon is locking iHub.xml and not letting it go when it should.
Has anyone else encountered this?


We realize document() is not recommended under Cocoon because of caching 
issues, but I thought as long as we took into account potential problems 
with caching, we could go ahead and use document(). Using document() 
instead of cinclude does make things a lot simpler for our application.

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