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From Carlos Chávez <>
Subject Re: CForms javascript ValidationError i18n Translations
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 18:03:08 GMT
Dan Ochs wrote:

>Hi, I have two related questions:
>1. I'm trying to get translations working and would like to use the
>CForm block Locales Flowscript samples as examples, but all of them
>seem to come back in english.  I am running 2.1.7 default
>installation.  Is this something that will be added later, is there an
>easy fix to get it to work?  I'm assuming this just wasn't finished in
>time for the 2.1.7 release?
>2. I have translations working so far with cforms except for
>javascript validation.  I currently have something like the following
>code in my form.xml, but the result is an empty string in the html. 
>Is there an example of how to do this somewhere?
>   <fd:javascript>
>      widget.setValidationError(new
try this:

widget.setValidationError(new"i18n key", true));

where "i18n key" are the message key.

Carlos Chávez.

>   return success;
>   </fd:javascript>
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