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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: [Cocoon portal] problem in coplet redirect
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 08:00:12 GMT
When you say "return to the home page", do you mean using the browser's 
back button? If so, I'm wondering if you are really going back to the 
home page or to the form instead.  I'm also wondering if this is another 
issue with the way page label processing works or if it is something 
else.  What is the url that is used to return? Normally, with page 
labels I would expect your page to return to exactly the state it was 
left in - all that happens is a switch back to the page with the events 
left as they were previously.  So if you hit the back button you would 
go back to showing the form, but you would not have restarted your flow.


Angelo Immediata wrote:

>Hi all; i'm using Cocoon 2.1.7; i'm using the portal block and i have some problems. I
have had some problems in the link rewriting and now i have this other problem..
>I have this code in my site home page:
>var cid = cocoon.parameters["copletId"];
>var comune=null;
>var selectionForm = new Form("formDefinitions/sceltaComuni.xml");
>selectionForm.showForm( "SelezioneEnte.jx");
>var comune=selectionForm.lookupWidget("listaComuni").getValue();
>cocoon.redirectTo( "portal?pageLabel="+comune , true);
>The redirect works fine; it lets me to change page... but when i try to return to the
home page i have seen a strain behavior; it seems to me that in the home page the coplet doesn't
start from the beginning; that is the coplet doesn't execute the code "new Form ("formDefinitions/sceltaComuni.xml");"
moreover if i don't put a required field in the form definition "sceltaComuni.xml" the portal
blocks goes in a never ending loop.
>I have tried to disable the CachingURICoplet cache (moreover since i have not understood
how to change it form configuration parameters i have modified the
class) but i doesn't work again.
>Have you any idea?

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