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From Andrew Franz <>
Subject Re: reader implementation ideas ?
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2005 22:01:01 GMT
In the case of photography, Jpeg cameras embed a 120x160 thumbnail in 
the file. Look up the 'EXIF' standard.
In the case of artwork, you can't be certain that the thumbnail is 
consistent with the full image.

Clients virtually always want the thumbnails along with the meta info.


Dean Maslic wrote:

>Ive implemented an image-processor as a Reader component. The idea is
>to get an image from the given src, do a transformation based on say
>browser type and some input parameters and return transformed image to
>client. The component is caching the transformed image using the
>URI+browserType as the key.
>What I would ideally like to do is cache the original image too, so
>when different browsers request the same image I don't have to
>retrieve the image from remote server but retrieve it from my local
>cache, transform it, cache it as I do now and return to the client.
>Is that possible ? Appreciate any ideas and suggestions
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