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From footh <>
Subject Advice on site design - really close
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2005 19:42:26 GMT
I'm converting my site from pure JSP to Cocoon.

I've read lots of tutorials on Cocoon and I've come
really close to getting the site to work the way I
want but I've hit a few snags.

Basically, the site has a header, footer and two
sidebars with content in the middle.  In JSP, I would
just have includes on every page for the header,
footer, etc.  However, in Cocoon, I was hoping I could
have one "template" page that decided the layout.

I was able to create this model, mainly using this

I created an XSL stylesheet for the header, footer,
and two sidebars, along with associated XML content
files and imported those into a "main" stylesheet. 
Then, in the main stylesheet, I apply the templates
for the constant parts by using the document function
in XSL, for ex:


For the main content on each page, I have separate XML
files that, for now, are simply a dump of static HTML
and I use the copy-of XSL tag to insert it into the
page.  Later, I'll make these XSP pages and
dynamically generate the content.

Here's where I've hit a couple issues.  The header,
footer and sidebars contain some dynamic content.  For
example, if a person is logged in, the header will
show something different.  I was able to get around
this by passing in the "remoteUser" parameter to the
stylesheet in the pipeline and then using stylesheet
logic.  But, there's also other logic I will need to
process that's a bit more complicated (ex.  depending
on the user's role, etc).  With my current layout, I
can't seem to find a way to add logic that can use
Java to these mostly static blocks.

I've tried aggregating, but that doesn't seem to work
well with XSP.  Also, I'd like to not use cinclude
since I'd like to avoid including the other elements
on every page like in JSP.

Might anyone have any suggestions for me out there?

Thanks a ton.


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