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From suplizio <>
Subject Re: Tomcat + Cocoon (as only a renderer)
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2005 21:39:38 GMT
Thanks, this is exactly what I'm looking to do. Do you know of any
online sources that speak to this in greater detail?

On Wed, Jul 13, 2005 at 2:26pm Stefan Podkowinski <>
> On 7/13/05, suplizio <> wrote:
> > You did understand my question correctly: I want my servlet/jsp
Tomcat web
> > app to "call" Cocoon to perform presentation layer rendering.=20
> [...]
> > First of all, is there another way to communicate with cocoon rather
> > going through the Cocoon servlet? In other words, it sounds as if I
can o=
> nly
> > use the http protocol to communicate with cocoon: the client request
> > travels through my servlet, which makes requests to cocoon servlet,
> > matches the URI pattern and does the appropriate processing, which
> > the output back to my servlet who kindly renders it to the client.
If this
> > is correct, is there another way to do this? (I can do a
>  or
> > something for testing but I don't know if my architects will approve
> > this).
> You don't have to make another http connection to an external cocoon
> app from your application. Simply include cocoon in your base
> application and define a mapping for the cocoon servlet.
> 1) gather all required jar files from your cocoon build and copy them
> intro your WEB-INF/lib directory
> 2) include the cocoon servlet in your web.xml settings (also see
> cocoon build dir)
> 3) copy necessary *.xconf files to WEB-INF=20
> After you're successfully configured cocoon to run as part of your
> application, you should be able to simply pass the request on to the
> cocoon servlet, which will share all request and session attributes:
> response)
> If you have a Struts based application also concider the struts cocoon
> in:
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