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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Storing a xml document uploaded through xmlHttpRequest to a database
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 07:43:04 GMT

Can you quote the section of the docs you refer to?

*My* perception is that the SLQ Transformer is the preferred way to
extract data from a databse; ESQL is part of XSP, which the project has
debated deprecating and decided against:

What is true is that the older SQL logicsheet/processor are deprecated -
(under Description)

But there is nothing on the SQL Transformer page to suggest *it* is

But I guess we are moving off-topic here ;-)

>>> 2005/06/07 09:55:45 PM >>>

It's stated, somewhere in the docs, that the modular database action (an 
action) is the prefered way of inserting/updating/deleting data in to a 
database and esql was prefered for reading from a database. I could use 
esql using a dynamic xsp page, but I would prefer to store the xml 
documen directly from the request stream without any transformation or 
serialization to it, for performance reasons mainly, and simpleness 

I thought the modular database action (an action) was the only way of 
storing binary data to a database. Is there other ways?


Geert Josten wrote:

> Hi,
> SQLTransformer is part of the databases block I believe. But if you 
> prefer esql (which is part of XSP I believe), than stream the XML, 
> wrap it in ESQL statements with some XSL sheet and than get that 
> executed as an (dynamically generated) XSP...
> Anyhow, I don't think you will be able to let any action influence the 
> current data stream. That is not what actions are intended for. 
> Actions are intended for side effects. Logging in, creating a session, 
> logging info, etc. You will have to use a transformer or generator for 
> this, I'm afraid.
> (correct me if I'm wrong, anyone)
> Cheers,
> Geert
> Jonas Höglund wrote:
>> I thought the SQL Transformer was deprected, and the modular database 
>> action was the preferd way of inserting/updating data in a database. 
>> I would prefer sticking to the modular database action over using yet 
>> another way of calling the database.
>> /jonas
>> Geert Josten wrote:
>>> I believe there is an SQL Transformer around somewhere. Is it 
>>> possible to wrap the XML data into an xml sql statement (of the 
>>> transformers namespace) and putting that through the transformer?
>>> HTH,
>>> Geert
>>> Jonas Hvglund wrote:
>>>> Hi!
>>>> Can anyone help me to explain how to store/save a xml document (the 
>>>> request body) send to the server as a xmlHttpRequest to a field in 
>>>> a database. I've been able to process the xmlHttpRequest request 
>>>> through the stream generator and saving data from nodes in the xml 
>>>> document through xslt transformation and esql logicsheet, but what 
>>>> I realy want is to store the complet xml document to the database. 
>>>> I've been playing araound with modulare database action, but have 
>>>> not found a solution to my problem. Is it possible, and if so, how? 
>>>> BTW, I don't know any Java, so writing a custom component is not a 
>>>> option to me.
>>>> Tnx,
>>>> /jonas
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