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From Aleksander Bandelj <>
Subject Re: Acegi Security
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 11:12:40 GMT
Yes, we use Acegi and cocoon. Actually, I wonder why anyone would see 
this as a problem - acegi http security is just a sequence of servlet 
filters and cocoon is a servlet ... is there a way for that not to work 
together ? :)

You just put Acegi stuff in web.xml and spring configuration and you are 

As for real cocoon-acegi integration, we have written simple selector, 
so we can write:

<map:select type="user-role">
         <map:when test="admin">
		<map:redirect-to uri=""/>
     	<map:when test="user">
		 <map:redirect-to uri=""/>

And we use it from flowscript by calling Acegi API directly. Simple, 
isn't it ? :)

Wojciech Biela wrote:
> Hi there, 
> I was just wondering, is it possible to plug Acegi Security
> ( into the Cocoon&Spring bundle? Or will
> all those filters and Acegi specific config stuff mess up Cocoon for
> good?
> Has anyone wondered about it?
> Anyone tried it?
> Anyone succeeded? ;) 
> because the framework looks quite nice
> -- Wojtek Biela

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