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From Nacho Jimenez <>
Subject [Slightly OT] Cocoon-integrable Wiki
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 14:01:58 GMT

I'm planning to integrate a wiki in a cocoon application. I've been
googling arround, and looking at the different implementations out
there, but I'm wondering which wiki engine would be the most easy to
integrate with cocoon, that is, be able to get the contents into a
cocoon pipeline (XML retrieval), being able to get a TOC of the
contents of the wiki (RSS listings of the changed wiki pages, etc.),
and hopefully the ability to use a common authentication to both the
Wiki and Cocoon.

 Does anyone know a wiki that could suit me? Or has tried one that
looks easy to modify (I'm both literate in java and php)?

 Confluence looks really sexy, and this project is non-commercial, but
if it works, I may deploy it to some customers, and I don't want to be
bounded by difficult licenses.

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