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From Sebastien Arbogast <>
Subject Re: [WebServices] How to use the SoapServer component ?
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 05:07:39 GMT
2005/6/8, Geert Josten <>:
> Hi,
> If that SoapServer is used for [4], than it is actually not a Server but a Client. I
am using
> StreamGenerator to receive SOAP messages and use CIncludeTransformer to translate them
to (more or
> less) internal calls on uri's with request params etc. The result is simply wrapped in
a response
> envelop. Worked okay for me.. ;-)

I know it's possible. I made it manually too and for one or two
webservices it would be OK. But one of the main purposes of my
application is make webservices intergration easier so I don't want to
write custom things for every service I integrate, all the more so as
all the information is available for automated processing in WSDL and
WSDD files. For example I realized that the code in the sample on the
wiki was wrong, but I realized it only when the client stub generated
from the WSDL file didn't work because the response message didn't
match its description.
So of course I can just find out what's wrong with the response
message and correct my code but it's just formatting ! I mean for
every new service I'd have to fine-tune the code manually which is
very error-prone. And that's precisely why I want to use everything at
my disposal to focus on what really matters. And SoapServerImpl
component seems to be a potential answer to my problem, which is why
I'm looking for examples of use, especially with flowscript instead of
the "old" XSP...

Sebastien ARBOGAST

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