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From Owen Tallman <>
Subject cannot use enum in a fd:multivaluefield?
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 15:11:52 GMT
I have succeeded in using a typesafe enum class as the back end of a
fd:selection-list, so that it automatically populates the list and
returns the selected value as an enum instance. That feature of
fd:selection-list does not seem to work when you use one within a
fd:multivaluefield - I get an exception saying it won't work.

I can see how it might work to leave out the <fd:selection-list
type="enum" class="com.etc.EnumType"> that triggers the auto-loading,
and populate the form directly with instances of the enum type, but
before I go off on a wild chase in that direction, I thought I would
ask if
someone could confirm for me that the enum auto-loading approach
simply will not work, and also whether you can use an enum type as the
selection-list datatype within a fd:multivaluefield.

I hope that's not too obscure a question.



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