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From "Carlos M. S. Bento Nogueira" <>
Subject cforms tag limitation
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2005 02:54:40 GMT
I've been trying to define a way to define the look of a table using 
cforms. By the look of a table i mean the number of columns and rows.

I particulary wanted to define a row tab inside a selection list,
which would fire an if on my xsl who in turn would insert an <tr> tag
on the resulting html.After countless atemps i'm starting to 
believe that there is "something" blocking definition of extra tags(like the 
row tag i wanted) inside a selection list.Is this true?If it is how can i 
overcome it??

This was my latest attempt:

<fd:field id="sexo_opcoes">
          	<fd:item value="Masc."/>
          	<fd:item value="Fem."/>
<fi:styling type="tabs"/>
 		<fi:group> (each group represents one tab)
<table border="0">
<ft:widget id="sexo_opcoes">
 	<fi:styling list-type="radio" list-orientation="horizontal">
<xsl:for-each select="descendant-or-self::fi:item">

 	<xsl:for-each select="preceding-sibling::*">
 		<xsl:if test="//fi:item">
 		<xsl:text>Encontrei: </xsl:text>

Note: this if test, works with //fi:item but not with //row
which means that row is somewhere "lost" although it is in the scope of


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