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Subject revised - Continuations in Forms sample
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 21:08:02 GMT
Sorry, the formatting was messed up on the original question.

I'm having difficulty using Flowscript with CForms.  I've modified the
cforms with flowscript sample and cannot get it to work.  In the forms
blocks samples, I'm attempting to add repeater widgets to the tabs using
flowscript.  I'm trying to add a contact list to each tab.  I've modified
the form definition to include the 2 extra examples of the contact list.
There are 2 problems that I'm having, and cannot find documentation on the
mailing lists or wiki.

 1.  Extra text is displaying between the <body> tag and <h2> tag.  The
text is an unformatted plain text representation of all my labels from the
form. I have not modified the stylesheets in any manner, but that appear to
be where the problem lies.

2.  I receive this error when I attempt to add/remove a row: No function
nor continuation given in <map:call function>...  I've cut down on some of
the validation in the definition and template files, but I can't see where
I've cut out anything pertinent to continuations.

Specifically, I don't understand the section of the sitemap where it talks
about starting a flowscript scenario.   How do I access the continuation?
I see that it's part of the Flow Object Model, but I'm unsure how it gets

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Sorry this email is so long.  I've
included my definition file, template file, jscript file and relevant
sitemap portions.

*---------Relevant Sitemap.xmap---------*

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