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From Thomas Lutz <>
Subject Re: cocoon in jboss
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2005 08:00:52 GMT
That depends on the jBoss version you want to use.

I am currently using the 3.2.7 and all I had to do is to place some libs 
in the endorsed directory.

So, step for step it would be:

o) place commons-collection*.jar (commons-collections-3.1.jar in my 
env)  from cocoon/lib in jboss/server/default/lib/endorsed (as you see I 
use the default server configuration)
o) same with jakarta-bcel (jakarta-bcel-20040329.jar in my env)
o) check wether set JAVA_OPTS in jboss/bin/run.bat (or sh) contains 
something like -Djava.endorsed.dirs=.......jboss/server/default/lib/endorsed
o) deploy your webapp into .../jboss/server/default/deploy, there are 
two ways
oo) as war file
oo) as exploded directory (this is what I would recommend). just copy 
your web-app directory to the deploy directory. Doing it this way you 
will be able to edit xml, xsl,.. without restarting the application. 
Whenever you touch the deployment descriptor (the web.xml) your app will 
be undeployed and redeployed.
o) buy memory :-)

Depending on how big your webapp is, you will have to restart jboss 
every X redeploys (5 times for me) as jBoss, at least my 3.2.7 doesn't 
behave well with garbage collection while redeploying, so your server 
will run out of memory. annoying...

I tried with jBoss 4 once, no endorsed problems yet, but I could not 
test my whole app, as my db layer does not work on jboss 4 yet.

HTH, ciao,

Peeths schrieb:

>hi ,
>i running a small cocoon application and it is working
>well and fine in the jetty server provided by cocoon ,
>i wnat to run it in jBoss server , so how will i be
>able to integrate jBoss and cocoon
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