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From Geert Josten <>
Subject Re: cinclude leaves its namespace in the output XML
Date Sat, 18 Jun 2005 13:42:24 GMT
An updated Wiki page reference (see second gmane message):

Some remarks though:

- Part of the suggestions on that page refer to solutions to kill both prefixes and namespace

declarations, without considering whether they are used or not. Most of them require the namespace

and/or prefix to be mentioned explicitly.

- One solution explicitly mentions to remove all _unused_ namespaces, I think that is what
looked for in this case.

- Harry Lai jumps to the wrong conclusion from the citation of the Michael Kay. The citation

mentions that the exclude-result-prefixes does not apply to the nodes copied with xsl:copy
xsl:copy-of. True. But there are other ways to copy nodes. The identity transform is a good
  The two templates I suggested also...

I haven't timed my solution, but have been using it without really noticing any slowdown.
So the two 
templates I gave may be a good alternative to the It uses
a more 
SAX like approach, contrary to the java Transformer.

I think it should be possible to write a SAX based Transformer that performs well.


Volkm@r wrote:
> Gerald Aichholzer wrote:
>>I've just found out that the cinclude-transformer leaves
>>its namespace in the output XML, e.g.
>>  <symbol xmlns:cinclude="">
>>    ...
>>  </symbol>
>>Can I get rid of this using a parameter or do I have to
>>follow each cinclude with an identity transformation which
>>removes the namespace only?
>>In my opinion this has no use in the output XML because
>>no element of cinclude's namespace is used anyway.
> Hi Gerald,
> just about one year ago ...
> <>
> <>
> The best I think should be a configurable option for
> cinclude-transformer to toogle that superfluous namespace on/off.

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