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From Askild Aaberg Olsen <>
Subject Re: AW: CForms and Modular Database Actions
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 10:34:26 GMT
Derek Hohls wrote:

>Ok; that is one viewpoint.  But I think these quotes from the Wiki:
>are also pertinent:
>"Be aware that you will not be ready to write Hibernate-based applications 
>in 5 minutes. You are about to venture into a complex topic. Sit back, get a 
>cup of tea and prepare for some **days** of reading and learning. 
>The following skills are mandatory: 
>You need to be proficient in Java..."
>I did spend a fair chunk of last year downloading and days reading through 
>the Hibernate documents - they do seem fairly comprehensive and 
>well-written... but they are not simple or straightforward.  And for
>someone like myself, with skills in XML, XSLT, Javascript, SQL... all of
>which have been more than sufficient to develop webapps with Cocoon over
>the past few - the add-in of high-level Java skills to the mix is a really "gotcha" 
>that significantly raises the learning barrier here.
>So to rephrase my original point - is this the only way to develop interactive
>database webapps with Cocoon - or should PHP start looking like an attractive 
>option once more?! 
It's the "only" way if your skills are in Java only... ;-)

The Cocoon-community seems divided in two different camps; one that use 
it as a Java-development framework, and another that uses it as an 
XML-development framework.

I myself belong to the second, using only XML, XSLT, transformers (e.g. 
SQL), XSP (e.q. ESQL) and Flow. A lot of people will point my finger at 
me shouting "bad practice", XSP is deprecated! The original idea behind 
XSP was to have an efficient way to prototype/script generators, but 
having been misused for "control" in the MVC-pattern, some looks at XSP 
itself as bad design...

So, sitemaps, XSLT, XML, SQL-transformer and optionaly Flow will get you 
a long way to develop yout interactive database wepabb. Used in the 
right manner, it works - brilliantly!

In the end it's your ability to design a good architechture that saves 
the day, not a lot of fancy tools and frameworks.


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