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From Geert Josten <>
Subject Re: Bug ? different sendPage in javaflow flowscript ?
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 20:40:56 GMT
Hi Tom,

> My sitemap maps on action requests, calls flow, and delegates to a 
> view pipeline xy.html.
> Using flowscript sendPage(xy.html) I get the original requestURI 
> via <map:parameter name="requestURI" value="{request:requestURI}" />.
> With javaflow I get xy.html, as it should be I supposeā€¦
> Is this a bug or a feature J ?

 From what I know of FlowScript, sendPage should not perform a client redirect, but redirectTo

should. I don't know whether JavaFlow supports a redirectTo and is therefore able to make
the same 

To my opinion, a sendPage should not cause a redirect. You might have good reasons to hide

(internal?) pipes or they might not even be accessible from outside..


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