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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: WG: CFORMS validation unexplained behavior - call for help!
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 07:54:31 GMT
Messing, Elad wrote:

[snip the second mail]

>         With the help of Sylvain and Thorsten I have managed to come up 
> with a form.
>         Now - when all data is valid, all works fine.
>         The problem starts when the data is not valid.
>         I have 3 widgets in my form - text field and a select list. (See 
> definition below)
>         On the text field there is a validation of length, and on the 
> select list there is no validation, but the first "item" of it is a null 
> record - to show an empty slot.
>         On the "form" there is a validation so that either of the 2 
> fields must contain value. (See definition below)
>         When I first show the form all is fine.
>         When I enter a too-short string in the text field, I get a 
> strange behavior: I can see the error message stating it is too short, 
> but I can also see the error message stating that either of the fields 
> should be entered (coming from the "form level" validation function) - 
> like nothing was entered in the text field. I added a "print" line into 
> the form validation, to see that even though I have entered a value in 
> the text field (it was too short - but it was there) the widget value is 
> actually null. (see the "print" in the flow below).

This is the intended behaviour. The getValue() method of the widget

     public Object getValue() {
         return this.validationError == null ? this.value : null;

only returns the value if there are *no* validation errors. I'm not sure if this 
is the correct or if we should make this configureable. Feel free to move the 
discussion over to to get opinions of other developers.

Maybe your form level validation should check if the two widgets have set 
validation errors.

>         Also - I would expect the validation to stop after it was 
> failing on the "too-short" text field widget validation. Why has it 
> continued to the "Form level" validation at all ?

because the complete widget tree is validated

>         Another strange behavior was, that after I submitted the form 
> with valid data, I could see the results. When I pressed "Back" button 
> of the browser - I got back to the form page, with all the error 
> messages still showing. The fields are showing the valid data which I 
> put in, but the errors from the first trail are still there. Why is that ?

How often are you hitting the back button?

>         And the third issue - When I am not using the "Back" button, but 
> instead using the original "link" to the form page, I get other results 
> - I can see the form in the state it was after I entered a "too-short" 
> string in the text field !! This is after I have already changed the 
> data to valid, submitted, got my results, and return to the form page 
> using its link 1 minute after.. I even get the results opening a new 
> browser window, in a different process. Only "restart" to the web server 
> removes it.

which controller are you using? It seems to me that the controller isn't 
initializing your form correctly.

>         Is this the normal behavior ? Should I reset the form in some 
> manner ?
>         I am attaching down the needed text from the flow and form 
> description - maybe it can help you understand my problems.
>         Thank you very much for reading my long post :)

[snip the sample]

Reinhard Pötz           Independent Consultant, Trainer & (IT)-Coach 

{Software Engineering, Open Source, Web Applications, Apache Cocoon}



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