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From Alexander Berezhnoy <>
Subject Re: XMLFileModule for a dynamic file.
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2005 05:52:54 GMT
I've resolved the problem in the following manner:

<act type="xpath" src="{myfile}.xml">
    <parameter name="xmlns:myns" value="http://mynamespaceuri"/>
    <parameter name="model-parameter" value="xpathResult"/>
    <parameter name="return-type" value="string"/>
    <parameter name="xpath" value="string(//myns:tag[@attribute=value])"/>
    <... using the {xpathResult} variable ... >

The "xpath" action is written by myself. It applies the XPath expression 
to a file and returns the result into its object model.
I think this can be enough useful to include this action in the Cocoon.


>Alexander Berezhnoy wrote:
>>Well, here is the usecase.
>>The mobile portal supports downloading binary resources for the various
>>handsets (that's implemented via the reader).
>>The resources to be downloaded depend of the handsets' parameterers, which
>>are stored in  xml-file.
>>To pass the necessary params to the reader, I need to get them from xml by
>>their User-Agent (i.e. to apply an xpath).
>>The case is complicated in that the handsets descriptions are stored to the
>>different files accorting to their mobile network(Various networks may have
>>different settings for some handsets).
>sounds familiar to me :) Handling different handsets across different
>network operators with different MMSCs is worse than doing cross browser
>javascript !
>Unfortunately i don't see an easy solution. Did you look into the
>deliblock? It integrates UA Profiles and CCPP nicely with cocoon. Maybe
>this is a way out for you as you say the handset capabilities/parameters
>are stored in xml anyway.
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Alexander Berezhnoy,
Chief Architect
SmartPhone Labs, LLC

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