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From Jarry Liu <>
Subject questions about cocoon flow
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 18:36:31 GMT
Hi, all

This question is about the samples in cocoon 2.1.6, under

in samples.xml:
  <sample name="Calculator" href="">
   Example for the Java Flow implementation

in sitemap.xmap:
 <map:flow language="java">
  <map:script src=""/>
  <map:match pattern="*.do">
    <map:call function="{1}"/>

>From the sitemap, after I click Calculator link, it will call function
calculator(), but I can't find any javascript file in this folder.
Instead there is one method as doCalculator()
in When I tried to change 

<sample name="Calculator" href=""> 


 <sample name="Calculator" href=""> 

in samples.xml, I got the wrong message as:

No method 'docalculator' found. {...calculator=public void,

It seems that they defind calculator as doCalculator() somewhere. But
I can't find it. Anybody can give me some idea? Thanks.


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