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From Mark Lundquist>
Subject Re: [flowscript] help w/ static initialization pb
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 20:20:48 GMT

On Jun 6, 2005, at 12:33 PM, Mark Lundquist wrote:

> Hi,
> I hope this isn't too lame of a question! :-)
> I have a Java class that's referenced from flowscript via 
> importClass().  The class contains a static initializer block, and 
> this static initializer block is not getting called.
> Any ideas why that would be?

Figured it out.  I'm a Java 'tard :-/

This class exists only for static things.  I just figure out that in 
Java, the static initialization block doesn't run when the class is 
loaded, it gets run upon the first instantiation of the class, and I 
was never instantiating the class.

When I added

	new Foo();

to my flowscript, it all started working.  I should probably implement 
a real Singleton pattern for this thing.


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