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From "Roland Berger" <>
Subject Application Integration with Cocoon
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 16:04:30 GMT
Hi all


I'm looking for a way to integrate application logic into lenya. Since lenya
is based on cocoon I believe I have to ask this question in this mailing

>From what I have read in the mailing list it is possible to use actions in
pipelines to trigger some business logic and aggregate the output with other

Since I have some knowledge of struts applications I'm curious if I could
use struts for the control-, and business(delegate) logic.

So my question is:

-Is it possible to forward a request (with all request parameters) from
within a pipeline to another servlet (eg. struts), take the response from
that servlet and use it in the pipeline for further processing?


There is a 'redirect-to' thing in cocoon but from what I have read in the
docs it doesn't do what I want.


Another question is:

-Is it possible to access the http session object from within xsp and/or a


I'm thankfull for any answers and other experiences and tip's to integrate
application logic to cocoon or lenya

Regards Roland

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