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From anthony herve <>
Subject Woody selection list element and i18 translation question - cocoon 2.1.3
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 13:13:01 GMT

I have a form with a wd:selection-list element 'country' filled from the content of a postgresql
table 'country' containing values in French.

<wd:field id="country" required="true">
  <wd:label><i18n:text i18n:catalogue="messages" i18n:key="Country">Pays:</i18n:text></wd:label>
  <wd:datatype base="string"/>
  <wd:selection-list src="cocoon://selectionCountry" dynamic="true"/>

<wd:selection-list xmlns:wd="">
  <wd:item value=""><wd:label></wd:label></wd:item>
    <esql:query><xsp:expr>"SELECT id,text FROM country ORDER BY id"</xsp:expr></esql:query>
       <wd:item><xsp:attribute name="value"><esql:get-string column ="id"/></xsp:attribute>
        <wd:label><i18n:text><esql:get-string column="text"/></i18n:text></wd:label>

When I connect in French, the values are displayed in the following order from the sql request
(the table entries are in the correct alphabetical order) :
2-Afrique du Sud

When I connect in English, after i18 translation, the values are displayed in the following
2-South Africa

Do you know a way I could respect the alphabetical order in both languages ?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards.



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